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Big Data Analysis and AI Solutions

At our company, we are committed to using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to solve complex problems and drive innovation. We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who specialize in Big Data Analytics, AI/ML, Signal Processing, and Computer Vision. We understand the unique challenges facing industries. Our team provides cutting-edge solutions based on big data analysis that help our clients make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

What We Offer

The advent of AI and machine learning has brought about a significant transformation in the operational processes of businesses. To keep up with the constantly evolving technology, extensive knowledge and expertise are crucial. Thus, we provide a variety of services customized to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.

  • Custom solutions. Our products help our clients achieve their goals, whether it be to optimize business operations, improve decision-making, and/or increase efficiency. Our team is experienced in developing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • Big data analysis. We help businesses extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. With the vast amounts of data being generated today, it's more important than ever to have the right tools and techniques to analyze that data. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques to analyze data and identify patterns and trends that can inform business strategy.
  • Research. In addition to our technical expertise, our company is also dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research. We have a team of researchers who are experienced in a wide range of areas, including natural language processing, computer vision, signal processing, and big data analytics.
  • Deployment. We offer a wide range of deployment options, including APIs, applications, and cloud-based solutions. We believe in making the deployment process as easy and hassle-free as possible for our clients. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and support throughout the entire deployment process, from initial consultation to post-implementation support.

Our Current Projects

Learn what projects we have done and are currently working on.

Machine Learning

ECG Analysis

We specialize in developing AI-powered tools for analyzing ECG and other medical tests. We offer these solutions as APIs, allowing our clients to easily integrate them into their existing platforms.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis for Pulmonary Disease Clinical Study with the University of Alberta

Our consulting included providing comprehensive assistance to the client with big data projects related to pulmonary disease, where we analyze vast amounts of data to provide clients with valuable insights and results. Our support helps the client achieve their research objectives, create viable processes, and develop innovative solutions.

Signal Processing

Pre-Clinical Drug Trials with Multinational Pharmaceutical

Naiad Lab's tool meets a crucial need in the pharmaceutical industry by automating the analysis of big data from pre-clinical drug trials, reducing the time for drug discovery and decreasing reliance on manual analysis of ECG data. This efficient solution tackles a significant challenge in the industry.

"The work conducted by Naiad Lab was instrumental for our research. Their expertise in big data analysis helped us quickly make sense of complex data sets and identify key insights that we wouldn't have been able to on our own. They were also great to work with, responsive to our needs, and always delivered high-quality work. I highly recommend this consulting company for anyone in need of big data analysis services."

Giovanni Ferrara, MD PhD
Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta.

Meet Our Team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

Meat Our Advisory Board

  • Jeff Richig

    Dr. Richig has over 30 years of experience in electrocardiography for preclinical safety evaluation studies and is recognized throughout the world as the leading expert in this field. He has worked or consulted for a number of pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and academia. In addition, Dr. Richig was appointed as a Special Government Employee (SGE) to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the cardiovascular and renal drugs division (pre-clinical) and served for a period of 10 years. Author of the textbook: “Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals” Second Edition, Copyright 2019.

  • Kar Leung

    Kar has over 20 years experience in working within multi-national pharmaceutical companies, provincial governments, and as an entrepreneur. He has driven partnerships and business development as a healthcare consultant with BioAlberta, Health City, and Asia Smart Link.

Investment Summary

Naiad was founded in February of 2020, and since its inception it has been bootstrapped for the most part. To date, Naiad Lab has secured $180,000 CAD from Cisco Systems Canada donation, private investments, and founders contribution. The previous rounds enabled Naiad Lab to continue R&D and product-market fit activities.

Currently, we are a positive cash flow business, with numerous clients and different projects in the pipeline. Investment at this early revenue stage will enable Naiad to optimize their product, enter the pharmaceutical market and accelerate our market entry (technology adoption). Since we have achieved product market fit, this is the best time to progress our market activities and leverage our advisors for maximum revenue.

Naiad Lab is currently undergoing a bridge round.

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